15 Stunning Versatile Updo Hairstyles On 4c Natural Hair

I feel like 4c natural hair is the most unique hair type in the curly natural hair community. 4c hair is very beautiful and as a blogger with 4c hair, I don’t see it portrayed often like that on social media.

I’ve come to love the versatility of my 4c hair. There are so many natural hairstyles you can wear your hair in.

Today I decided to share 15 stunning and versatile updo hairstyles on 4c natural hair that will keep all my 4c ladies out there inspired in their natural hair journey. They can be worn on any occasion and even on a 4c bride for a natural hair wedding.

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1) Twisted updo and pompadour

2) Braided cornrows with twisted pompadour

3) Flat twisted updo

4) Twisted updo with a bang

5) Braided updo

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6) Tuck and pin pompadour updo

7) Flat twisted tuck and Pin updo

8) Tuck and pin updo

9) Flat twisted chignon

10) Ponytail tuck and pin frohawk

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11) Tuck and pin updo with a side twist

12) Twisted updo

13) Flat twisted updo

15) French roll tuck and pin updo

We’d love to know:

Which of the above hairstyles is your favorite?

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