10 Wash Day Routine Struggles Only Women With Curly Natural Hair Will Get

Wash day for women with naturally curly hair can be a hassle to go through. Creating a routine that works best for your natural hair takes trial and error and setting aside time to wash your hair can be difficult to fit in with your schedule.

I love memes because they’re very relatable so today I decided to share the top 10 wash day struggles only women with curly natural hair will understand with funny memes that I hope will brighten your day.

Don’t forget to add more wash day struggles that I might have missed in the comments. Have fun reading!

10 Wash Day Routine Struggles Only Women With Curly Natural Hair Will Get

1) Picking a day that will give you enough time to wash your hair while not disrupting your schedule.

2) Waking up and realizing it’s the D-day.

3) Preparing your mind for the number of tasks you need to accomplish and the strength to go through it.

4) Choosing the products and tools you need for each step.

5) Detangling your hair with your arms hurting throughout the process.

6) Using triple the amount of conditioner recommended because your hair can’t seem to get enough.

7) The amazing transformation due to shrinkage.

8) Drying your natural either by air drying or blow drying takes a lot of your time.

9) Feeling tired, drained but accomplished by the end of wash day.

10) When it was worth the effort.

We’d love to know:

What is the most stressful thing about wash day for you?

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