10 Curly High Puff Hairstyles On Natural Hair

Today I’m sharing some very beautiful curly high puffs on black women with natural hair. The curly high puff is a hairstyle every natural has done and is usually one of the first hairstyles new naturals will do once their hair grows out long enough to put in a puff.

It is also a great hairstyle for those in the awkward length stage of being natural and on bad hair days. It is a natural hairstyle that doesn’t let curly girls down.

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10 Curly High Puff Hairstyles On Natural Hair

1) Those blond highlights

2) Casually chic

3) Simple and comfortable

4) Those popping curls

5) Beautiful highlights

6) Those slick edges

7) Proud to be black

8) Curly and unbothered

9) Mega puff

10) Simple and glam

We’d love to know:

What is your to go natural hairstyle? Tell us in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “10 Curly High Puff Hairstyles On Natural Hair

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t have supper curly and puffy hair like that but it’s puffy and thick and I’m mixed so what can I do to help do things with my hair?


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