LushFro Is Back! (Blog Update)

Happy new month everyone! I want to thank you all for just being so amazing throughout last year and 2018. It’s unbelievable how much love LushFro receives from you even during the hectic periods and setbacks.

I’ve been gone for a while because I realized that blogging wasn’t just about putting what you love out there, there’s so much work that goes into it and so much to learn about.

We’re constantly adjusting to the changes in the online world and I had to take a step back to really figure out if I wanted to do what everyone else was doing to survive the blogging world and be overwhelmed or keep doing me even if I might not grow as fast as I wanted to.

I decided to stick with my original plan and vision for LushFro with some adjustments that wouldn’t overwhelm me while still giving my readers the best content possible that would make us both happy.

Natural hair is my passion and I’m sticking with what I love writing about. I want LushFro to be uniquely different from other natural hair blogs and I’m going to keep working on it till the world sees what I see. The most important thing is to keep going even when you fall.

Thank you so much for still loving LushFro while I was away. I truly feel blessed to be a blogger. New posts are coming up soon so do stay tuned for that.

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