Hey everyone! It’s been such an amazing month, I still can’t believe Lush Fro started just last week. It’s all thanks to all my readers who believe in me and encourage me. Thank you so much!

We had a lot of fun this month with topics which I’m glad you loved and also launched our new Natural Hair Instagram Crush Of The Week section on Lush Fro!


1) 8 Neutral + Nude Makeup Products That Will Soothe Your Soul

2) 5 Things Only Makeup Lovers Will Understand

3) 5 Stunning Neutral Eye Makeup Looks We’re Envious Of


1) Why A Pair Of Black Heels Is A Must Have In Your Wardrobe

2) Staying Chic With Head Wraps

Hair & Nails:

1) 7 Gorgeous Braids That Are Showstoppers

2) 3 Amazing Protective Styles To Do Next

3) More Glitter! Glittery Nail Arts We Love

We also had a few others equally amazing:

1) Launching Natural Hair Instagram Crush Of The Week On Lush Fro!

2) Blogger Nomination Award

3) Thank You For 200 Likes And 60+ Followers!!

Thanks for being a part of Lush Fro this month! I appreciate it so much.

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