Hi beauties! Black heels are a staple for me for so many reasons mainly because I love them so much. These are just 4 reasons you should own at least a pair of black heels.


1) They’re classic:

No matter what new trend comes and goes, black heels will always remain timeless. You can pull them out anytime and always stay chic.


2) They go with everything:

Black is a neutral color so whatever your style of black heels, they’ll go with different types of outfits. A simple plain pair of black heels can be a great background for your bold outfit while designed black heels can add a more style to your outfit.


3) They’re great if you prefer neutral colors in your wardrobe:

If you’re a minimalist or if you just love black then black heels is a must have. For minimalists, a pair simple black pumps or stilettos will do the job.


4) There’s something for everyone:

Some black heels are plain and understated while others are elaborately designed. Whatever your style preference, there’s a pair of black heels for you.

What is your must have accessory?

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