Neutral makeup products like eye shadows, highlighters, blushes, etc have always been my favourites.

1) These amazing eye shadow palettes


Neutral doesn’t mean boring, see the eye shadow palettes above for example. So many different looks can be created using nude and neutral eye colors like these

5 Stunning Neutral Eye Makeup Looks


They’re just a few examples of the versatility of neutral eye colors.

2) These nude MAC lipsticks


I have 3 nude lipsticks and I’m always on the lookout for more that’ll match my dark skin perfectly. I’m yet to find my perfect nude lipstick.

3) These stunning matching products


Oval makeup brushes are all the rage now and I love them because they’re so unique. Just look at those lipstick tubes by the same brand.

4) These uniquely designed highlighters


Presentation is everything! I have dark skin so golden tones work great for me.

5) This nude blush


This is one of the most beautiful makeup products I’ve seen and the color is even more amazing.

6) These colorpop matte liquid lipsticks


Nude lipstick choices are not limited at all because they’re so many shades to choice from.

7) This baked blush palette


Baked blushes and bronzers are becoming favourites of makeup artists. It adds such a dewy and beautiful look.

8) This entire makeup collection


Goals! I hope you loved them too.

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What is your favorite makeup product?