Hi beauties! Thanks so much for the love even though I just started this blog yesterday. I’m Mimi and I love the beauty of lifcontact mee, makeup included. It means different things to different people and for me, makeup is a way to express myself.

Regardless of what makeup means to you, makeup addicts have lots of things in common and we’re okay with that. Here are 5 things only makeup addicts will understand.

1) Buying more palettes when you have 5 you’ve barely used.


I’m so guilty of this. I love nude and neutral matte eye palettes and can’t resist buying new ones even though I only use a few colors.

2) Buying the exact lipstick color using the excuse of a different undertone or a slightly different shade.


Lipsticks are my favourite makeup products and I love them so much. It doesn’t matter if others won’t notice the difference in colors, what matters is that I know.

3) Makeup sales makes your heart glad.


*Rushes out of the house immediately*.

4) You could spend days in makeup stores


It’s so hard to resist walking into one when you pass by a makeup store and those products are calling on you to buy them.

5) Your makeup bag/collection is huge and one of your most prized possessions


And of course you know every single product you own. There’s always room for more.

Never change makeup addicts, we’re perfect just the way we are. If you loved this post, you’ll also love these

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What do you love most about makeup?

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